Kim Martin, Drummer


Kim Martin has been teaching our son drums for several years. Kim is an excellent teacher bringing discipline, diverse musical taste, and flexibility to our weekly lessons. He has given our son significant progress as well as helping during the times when our son needed more personal guidance. Kim’s performing adds another dimension to his role as a teacher since students can hear him in that capacity as well. Kim has also been a big help on finding drums and
Kim likes dogs!

-Gordon and Lili Schatz, Potomac, MD

For over ten years we are pleased to have had Kim Martin teaching our son techniques to become a really great drummer. His patience has been never ending, even when his student had many personal issues to deal with. Over the years our son has mastered many types of music that were “in” and Kim has managed to interest him in a variety of other music styles so that he can, when needed, play with any band. I can recommend Kim Martin with a high degree of certainty that he can teach any willing child to become a very good musician. Kim has been foremost, an encouraging, positive influence in my son’s life and is considered a much-respected friend.

Brenda Souto – Rockville, MD

I was an active drum student of Kim Martin’s for approximately five years. Those five years were the most musically rewarding years of my life. Kim’s dedication to his musicianship was truly the shining light for me. His absolute dedication to his drumming was inspirational. Most important to me, and of the greatest benefit to me, was his ability to teach. His methodology included a rigid program of required skills and the development of a sound foundation of the techniques required to play the instrument. Kim was a task master at times, but always a guiding light, always the voice of reason, reassurance and inspiration – driving me at times, and, at other times, encouraging me and reinforcing. I often refer to Kim as my Master Drummer-drum teacher. I regret that I have not been able to continue my lessons with Kim, but my business and professional schedule prevented me from pursuing the instrument to the level that I desired. Because of Kim’s teachings, as well as his inspiration, I still play three to five times a week. I can think of no greater teacher. It was truly my honor to have been his student.

Hank Cohan – Bethesda, MD

I’ve heard a lot of drummers in my lifetime. Personally, I believe you deserve the title. I have been hitting the books hard lately. I am putting in the effort to get better at reading so I can become a more knowledgeable drummer.

I now realize having you begin teaching me was a very important step in my development as a drummer. By observing your work ethic, it has allowed me to give myself permission to commit myself fully to drumming. Before I began lessons, I thought an hour every other day was a good practice schedule. Now I feel that 3 hours a day is a good start, and I am now up to that pace and I can envision the figure increasing with time. I’ll see you Tuesday ready to sight read many lessons worth.