Kim Martin, Drummer


WHAT: Big Band Drumming Workshop

WHERE: Fairfax, VA

WHEN: Four consecutive two hour sessions/weekends (Date/Times TBD when class sizes are established)

HOW: Respond to this email

PREREQUISITE: Intermediate/advanced drummers only, please. The workshops require basic sight reading skills and a rudimental knowledge of the elements of music.

SCOPE: Musical swing drumming, including reading, interpreting and improvising within the Big Band format.

  • Developing the “Basie groove”
  • Time and dynamic consistency
  • Articulation and voicing – “getting a good sound”
  • Figure interpretation and improvisation
  • Learning “what not to play”
  • Setting up fills and accents
  • Counting techniques – knowing the “natural pulse”
  • Soloing within a chart
  • Independence systems and concepts
  • Practical tips on CDs, books and songs that can be applied to advance skills quickly
  • Auditioning tips

Please send an email with your questions and provide a brief description of your musical background if you wish. If you provide your phone number we can talk in person about how these workshops might help you.


Kim Geoffrey Martin